Sneaky Forum Links

This technique was a bit of a chuckle. It has limited usefulness and won’t produce traffic, but it can get your site indexed quickly. To use it you need to join a popular forum that is crawled often by the search engine spiders. The forum has to use a link style that is not underlined, or that will give your links away.
The little problem is that forums have rules about how you post links to your own sites. They usually won’t allow it at all in your post content. This technique will insert them in your post in a way that isn’t visible to human readers, but the bots will see them.
Three periods are getting to be almost as common as a single period at the end of a sentence. Take this exact quote for example from, “and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped…”
Each period in the quote can be the display text of a link to a brand new site needing indexing. Most forums use BBcode that lets you overrule the default link color. This is an example of a period at the end of a sentence that is the display text of your link. “No point in starting a brand new thread[COLOR=black][url=http;//].[/url][/COLOR]” (The linked display period in that sentence was just before [/url].) It won’t work as a link here because it is BB forum code on an html page.
It will just take a few hours to get your site indexed at a good forum, and when that happens it is probably a good idea to go back to edit your post to take the sneaky link out.
Most forums using BBcode have a simple way to insert smilies, like :). This opens up another sneaky link trick. You can make the image the display part of your URL and don’t have to worry about color. The code would be: [url=]:)[/url]. The display will just be a smilie with nothing to give it away unless someone moves their cursor over it.
The period at the end of this sentence is a link with the same thing done in html. Just look at the source code for the html version. I don’t have the underline turned off for links in this part of the site so it does have a short underline to give it away.
So just to repeat, these links will not result in traffic since they don’t even appear to be links. They only have one purpose, and that is to get a new site indexed quickly. After that happens the only other thing they might do is get you banned from the forum so it might be a good idea to remove them.

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